Case studies

If you are a growth minded founder with JFD attitude, this is for you!

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Franck CEO@WebonDemand

We started working with Tomer after years of running blind and unable to face our potential customers and create a stable sales funnel.After just several meetings we were able to find traction and increase MRR.I almost didn’t join the SAAS Boot Camp Program because of the cost. I asked myself several times "is it going to be worth this?" After participating I can assure you that the SAAS Boot Camp Program is the best investment I’ve made in a long time!

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Itay CEO@CrowdFundingFinder

Since I met Tomer our customer lifetime value TRIPLE itself and I was able to create a predictable sales pipeline, harness my team to a clear vision and measure our progress using the right metrics.We are able to provide our customers with unique added value and transparency that thrives our business, especially given the fact that we’re self-funded, and I positive that we were not able to achieve that without the Tomer and the SAAS Boot Camp Program.

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Gil CEO@Navad

We started our startup journey last year at the beginning of the Covid19 epidemic, it felt like the end of the world and the end of our journey. The SAAS Boot Camp Program put us back on track and helped us find our north star metrics, identify our buyer persona, understand the industry challenges, and present an accurate solution that dramatically improved our lead generation and deals closed.

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Yonatan Kashani CEO@E-Tilts

I think we wouldn't be as far ahead, for one. We would probably be doing more trial and error finding out the hard way. Probably many more, I would say costly errors in some way. You can often use the support. It gave me confidence as a business owner that YES, we can do this. YES, there are professionals here that know stuff that I don't know and I have a go-to place.I deal with super compilated technology and at this point in order to accelerate fast we need to raise seed capital, Tomer help us get the business plan and deck together and prepper me to crucial meetings with VCs. I am so happy I meet Tomer, we know that we have a dedicated expert that will guide us through the acceleration and scaling stages fast and effective.

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Feli Talmid CEO@MusicHub

I can definitely say that this is a no brainer. Since I started working with Tomer, we've taken our business from about 30k in MRR to now over 150k in MRR, projecting to be closer to 200 in MRR within the next 60 to 90 days. A lot of that success is laid at the feet of the frameworks, the guidance, the advice and the support that I've gotten through this community. So yeah, no brainer.

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Armina Dobrica CEO@Rookeys

We had some friction and we were looking for a better traction and market fit, we used Tomer to guide us through the process of analyzing our marketing and sales efforts and optimize it by creating a frame work that start with our marketing, sales operation and customer success.Since we change mindset to growth we were able to identify our ICP & BP, mark our champions which causes sales cycle improvement, tripling our MRR from $10K to $50K in 90 days!Now we're working to change our pricing, which Tomer also helped me quite a bit with, so we're trying to implement some of the new pricing schemas that will increase our revenues dramatically

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Gediminas Rumšas TechHub Pre-Acceleration Program Manager

Tomer Ashkenazy mentored at TechHub pre-accelerator. His knowledge and experience working with startups were recognized by the teams that participated by receiving the right guidance and advice for fast acceleration. We received great feedback from startups, saying that it definitely helps them understand their startup growth engines, metrics, and identify their customers better. We are looking forward to working with Tomer in the future"