Multiply Your Revenue Exponentially

Led by:

Shira Levy- Barkan

VP Business Development & Revenue Marketing EX-Microsoft, Playtika & Fiverr

Elad Eliyahu

Marketing Expert, Specialize In Organic And Sponsored Campaigns, Marketing Consulting, And Data Analytics

Tomer Ashkenazy

Growth Coach & Founder

Gideon Shmuel

Entrepreneur, VC, CEO, Raised Over $70M & Led 5 Exits



Our program is designed for startup founders who are 100% dedicated to their startup growth, have a technical and sales team on board, and already have traction.
We will help you find product-market fit and scale faster than you can imagine by:
  • Identifying the right buyer person
  • Identifying the ideal company profile
  • Product positioning
  • Polish your marketing strategy
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Increase sales
  • Improve ARPU
  • Design a retention & customer success strategy
  • Expand fast
So You Can Scale Fast!

Digital Business Strategy

70% of digital initiatives do not achieve their goals. Causes include conflicting priorities, lack of scalability, inconsistent processes or KPIs, and more. We are all aware of the pitfalls. Our professional marketing team works closely with you to design and deliver your start-up digital business strategy. We provide distinct, innovative, sustainable, data-driven services to help fuel future growth, optimize current digital competencies and accelerate digital and business transformation. From immediate product development to long-range digital opportunities, we provide our clients with a holistic perspective on how their digital strategy can be integrated across their operations.

Sales funnel optimization

Marketing and sales strategy coordination is the most important milestone a startup founders must focus on for solid revenue growth and fast scale!
  • Identify and hire the right SUPERSTARS
  • Training program preparation
  • Create the right workflows, sequences and automations
  • Improve SQL conversion rate
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Increase retention rate and CLTV
  • Generate high ROI that will support your expansion and growth to other revenue channels
  • Access to other regions
Tomer Ashkenazy helped hundreds of companies scale fast and crash their goal over the years, it can be easily you!
Our dedicated team will coach you on how plan and execute your strategy and game plan successfully.

Stop Thinking & Start Scaling!


Our dedicated team will coach you to success from inception to implementation of your strategy