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Business and Financial Planning

Our professional team of experts will outline your company's business future with financial projections and a business plan, encapsulated in a well-defined company story that meets the needs and expectations of investors. 

Our service includes:
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Go to market strategy
  • Product validation
  • Revenue model and price forecasting
  • Financial insights
  • Business model
  • Unique value proposition

Vision & Mission Statement

 A strategic plan may be on your agenda because you understand your business needs a roadmap that clearly defines where you intend to go. At this point, it’s important to take the time and effort to develop a clear mission and vision statement for your startup that attracts the right investors, customers, partners and employees, creates a work culture that employees can relate to emotionally, and helps them understand why they should throw themselves into the spotlight. A mission statement describes what a company does and how it might do it so that its vision can take shape

Investors Deck Preparation & Intro

Study the history of influential investors and develop a strategy that highlights the unique value of your company and positions your technologies, solutions and business assets/projects in the most compelling way. This creates effective key messages for the presentation and improves the presentation for investors and customers. After your deck and story are polished we will introduce you to VCs and Angels according to your stage, industry and the our investors sweet points

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Led by:

Tomer Ashkenazy

Growth Coach & Founder

Tamir Levy

Adv. Entrepreneur & Technology and Digital Legal Expert

Zohar Bar Hen

Blockchain, NLP, DEFI, Medical device & Fintech CFO Expert

Sam Rudinck

Investment Program Manager @ Etoro & FinTech and Market Place Expert