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Accelerate Growth, Scale Fast, Reach Your Full Potential And Be Apart Of Our Community

"City Stars" acceleration program designed precisely for startup founder's needs and challenges

Our program is designed precisely for startup founders' needs and challenges.
We guarantee that from the moment you step in you will never be alone!
We provide the right practical tools, mentorship and community that will increase your startup success rate dramatically. You will go through a cognitive, mental and emotional journey that will help you refine and tighten your solution, create a pitch deck and give you the strength and courage to pitch in front of our judging panel in order to gain their attention and get the funding that will help your startup accelerate. 

Some of the topics that we will cover in our workshops are:
  • The Problem, Solution, and Value Proposition
  • Business Models, Lean Canvas model and Financial Planning
  • Competitor Analysis (Competitive Strategy)
  • Target Customers, Market Size, and Market Research Techniques

  • Lean Startup Cycle and Product-Market Fit
  • BHA SMART Goal Setting
  • Startup Growth Engine and Metrics
  • Build a Strong Team
  • Product & MVP
  • Vision and Mission Statement
  • Positioning, Branding and Communication on Social Media
  • Marketing Plan and Go To Market Strategy
  • Fundraising Sources, Storytelling and Pitching to Investors
  • Sales Methods For Top-Notch Sales Performance
  • Demo Day Workshop
  • Demo Day Preparation To An Experienced Judging Panel

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Start-up founders sharing

Tomer Polat Founder@Equal Language

This is why you should join City Stars Acceleration Program!

Yoel Ode Founder@Xtreme Longshot

I had a dream to change the Video News Industry. Tomer helps me laser focus on the single solution we need to solve and his methods are relentless! In a good way! Thanks to this journey together we take a major part in the industry innovation.

Avi Sheinberger Founder@B-Energy

My first thought was that I am already a successful and well-established entrepreneur, what can this program offer...? Then I meet Tomer and his SUPER-STARS team and the rest is history!

Inon Cohen Raz Founder@SomeOwn

When we first met Tomer we were sure that our product is in an advanced stage and positioned well... I mean we already had traction!

Display Picture of Andres Berlin

Karolis Ščerbauskas, Co-founder & CEO


"When I started the seminar and workshop I had no idea how important it was to choose the right growth engine & metrics, what is north star metrics, how to create a sustainable sales funnel, how to create a viral loop, what it actually means and where do I start...After meeting Tomer At the Tech Hub and completing the pre-accelerator program everything was clear!"

Display Picture of Andres Berlin

Darius Baltunis, CEO & Founder


I've been fortunate enough to be mentored by Tomer at the TechHub EU program. Not only did he help us understand the challenges and needs of our customers, but also helped us develop a product positioning strategy, customer interviews email, and speech that reduce churn, improve our product, Tripple CLTV and increase sales by 200%! He has a very enthusiastic and engaging personality and a lot of SAAS problem-solving experience. Anyone who has an opportunity to work with him will have a positive impact on their ability to solve problems, position his product, and increase revenue.

Display Picture of Andres Berlin

Nafiseh Soleyman, Co-Founder & COO


"Tomer's expertise lies in the fact that he can help you realize your business is more than just a website, it's a full functioning product! He guided me by choosing the right business measurement and analyze it in every step, which has immensely helped us make the right decision when it comes to pivotal points."

Display Picture of Andres Berlin

Katerina Mitsopoulou, Co-founder & CEO


"Tomer gained my interest from the first minute with his innovative perception & presentation. Tomer wisely guides our team how to set and reach our future goals. He is energetic, friendly and enthusiastic about his work and always there to help you to take the next step."

Display Picture of Andres Berlin

Zydrunas Kondrotas, Founder & CEO


"If you would like to scale your business, attract customers and measure your progress in the most productive way to success, you need to talk to Tomer Ashkenazy! Thank you Tomer for helping us scale fast"

Display Picture of Andres Berlin

Tatjana Paulauskiene, Co-founder & Partner with the Klaipeda University


"It was a pleasure to participate in Tomer lectures and workshop! It helped me understand and employ the right growth engine and tie key metrics to measure our progress and improve business performance. Tomer helped us identify and design the best growth engine and key metrics which are crucial components for our success and growth. I highly recommend him as an expert with the ability to add value at any level."

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Asta Mikneviciute, Co-founder & CEO


"Tech Hub seminar, training and 1:1 mentoring with Tomer was enlightening. The seminar was very energetic, interactive and provided valuable insights on our startup "Inoradus”. Tomer has shared his experience, guidance, and advice on how to move from failure to success. He presented us with worksheets on metrics & growth which we will definitely use for our product development and business growth strategy."

Display Picture of Andres Berlin

Ehsan Vahdat Derakhshan, Founder & CEO


"Tomer is an excellent mentor and has a rich experience and business acumen when helping founders and business owners learn the key skills required to set the right goals, understand the business fundamentals, choosing growth engine & metrics, and find our north star metrics. Thank you!"

Vanity Metrics and The Reasons You Should Ignore it!

Vanity metrics are metrics that make you look good to others but do not help you measure the scalable performance 


AARRR Metrics

Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue. AARRR is the acronym for the 5 steps modeling the customer lifecycle


Sales Funnel & Pipeline Stages for Sales Optimization

A sales pipeline represents the stages a consumer goes through to become a customer. The sales funnel represents the number of prospects who make it through


AARRR Metrics Framework-Actionable Decisions for Rapid Growth

AARRR Pirate Metrics framework is an acronym for a set of five user-behavior metrics that product-led growth businesses should be tracking


Growth Engines Examples

Growth engine employment examples by Dropbox


Churn Prevention Examples

A churn prevention example to reduce churn rate


Net Promoter Score

What is NPS? Why It's SUPER important to collect it in order to improve customer success and customer support!


Viral Loop

How to bust your growth with a viral loop


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Tomer Ashkenazy

Growth Coach & Founder