Meet Tomer

Hi, my name is Tomer Ashkenazy, a husband, and a father from Tel Aviv.
I am a serial entrepreneur, SaaS business coach, VC scout, Jiu-Jitsu black belt and a passionate growth hacker!

I am a life-long entrepreneur who is always looking for the next great adventure. I have helped hundreds of startup founders accelerate growth by providing the right advice and direction through seminars, workshops, and 1:1 coaching sessions working with various technological hubs and accelerators worldwide, such Tech Stars, Masschallenge ,Tech hub, MITA, Inegev, MaofTech, Ga2Tech, DisrupTech, and help SaaS founders find the right positioning, develop customer-focused products, plan and execute the go to market strategy to get REAL traction and scale faster by coaching them on how to multiply their revenue and raise funds.

My personal success has been achieved by being driven to provide the highest value in any personal or professional encounter and it proves itself as super successful!


At the age of 26, I made my first million, and at the age of 31 my first "exit”.
When I started life wasn't easy and full of struggle, I made every mistake in the book, and crucially needed someone I could trust for support and advice to answer questions like

  • How do we differentiate from the completion?
  • How can we identify my ideal customer?
  • How can we improve the sales process?
  • How can we increase sales? 
  • How do we reduce CAC and increase CLTV?
  • What is the next market we need to approach?
I am sure you are dealing with similar questions...

Unfortunately, the vast availability of information on the Internet has made it difficult to verify the accuracy which makes it very confusing.
I had to go through a painful period of self-discovery before I could get on the right path.


Luckily, I was able to find the right mentors, books, and tips to build the knowledge that has been very useful to me and others.

Since then, I co-founded a gaming company, led a SaaS pharmaceutical startup and a speech recognition & NLP startup.
Unfortunately, they all failed!

I learned so much from every failure and came across amazing people along the way.

Don't get me wrong, choosing to be an entrepreneur is a hard choice! 
As you can see we are dealing with the same challenges.
The good thing is you're not alone!

At this point I decided to pass on the insights I had learned along the way and today I help startup founders scale faster focusing on increasing MRR using the same growth hacking methods that we use on a daily bases.

I would love to take part in your journey and help you scale! 

looking for the right advice and help to Accelerate growth & scale fast?