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We use data from hundreds of Tech B2B campaigns to reach your dream clients, increase brand awareness and brand authority
The growth hacking methods we have developed will increase your client base and revenue FASTER!


Clear Message

Most ads are confusing, boring and not targeted, leading to high costs and poor conversion rates

Minimum Budget Spend

This is the reason why the majority of companies spend money without seeing real results making it difficult to scale their campaigns

Tangible Results

We unlocked the secret to driving tangible results through ads from executing countless of successful campaigns.
Our team of expert manage your campaigns from design, targeting, copy, bidding and lead magnets to maximize your conversions

Case Studies

testimonial image, a food-tech company.They needed to understand the damned, create a POC and fundraise to develop the next generation product line and they needed to do it fast!
It was also needed to have an online presence before they started fundraising so that investors could see what they were working on and the community around their new line of products.
We created Strong Facebook and LinkedIn pages along with targeted ads for the right audience, which led to a high amount of unique visits and attract the investor's attention.
The result was a $750 million dollars fundraise lead by several VCs and Angels!

testimonial image, security brand.The needed leads to increase their client base and brand awareness to create a strong community and followers.
By deploying marketing campaigns on LinkedIn and Twitter that were focused on lead generation and brand awareness we took a major part in increasing their brand awareness and growing their customer base.The results were 3X the number of leads generated by each post, from 30 MQLs a month delivered 92 MQLs! That allowed us to spend less on marketing while increasing the awareness and impact of the brand

testimonial image

Pollogen By Lumenis

Pollogen approached us after several bad past experiences.
The marketing department had a hard time managing China, US, and EU regions, generating unique traffic to their social pages and digital assets, targeting distributors and resellers, increasing brand awareness, and creating a demand that increase sales within the region.
Our first assignment was to create a lead generation campaign for the conference in Berlin Germany that will target distributors and the CTA was scheduling appointments with the sales team at the conference.
We were able to triple the scheduled meeting compared to the last conference generating 85 SQLs within a month!Our ongoing roadmap is to brand awareness, video posts production, product reviews on social media, and increase engagement on all digital assets. We are super excited to work with a world-leading medical devices company and prepare new product announcements and conferences worldwide.

testimonial image

When Peak VC needed help in the disclosure phase, we carried out a complete opening of digital assets (website, business pages) as well as campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
The result was a strong brand presence and awareness that attracted potential investors and Startup companies.
The aforementioned campaigns yielded over 1.3M unique visits to the site, over 180 MQLS at low costs, as well as a significant merger of the branding.

testimonial image's focus campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been a huge success for the all-in-one gifting platform helping organizations reward employees and customers with gifts that delight - every time.
In the first year of joining ventures, has reached +1M unique visitors to their website and over 850K post impressions on social media, and received 115 SQL in the first year—a huge increase from previous years!

testimonial image


TempraMed approached us with high CAC and low CLTV and was frustrated…
After a detailed review of all digital activities and assets, we have implemented a plan that has resulted in a 20% reduction in customer acquisition costs. and an increase of 50% in the customer lifetime value
The results were an increase in user engagement on the website and an increase in traffic to the site from Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
In addition to this, we helped them reduce the sales cycle from 6 to 3 months and the marketing ROI increased!

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The Founders were experiencing some difficulty in generating leads and expanding their brand awareness.
They turned to us in order to improve their targeted campaigns on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn and generate SQLS.
In just 6 months from the day we started, we were able to generate over 150 SQLs (with a high conversion rate) resulting in a 50% increase in sales over the first year.By working closely together we were able to create a strong branding and stabilized the digital presence that derives from the company's daily activities.

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Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to help B2B tech companies grow FASTER by implementing a tailor-made marketing strategy, generating laser-focused leads, creating a clear road map, and reflecting the progress VS KIPs

Our Values

  • Be innovative and a little weird
  • Go PRO or go home
  • Inspire & be inspired
  • Grow, never stop learning
  • Be humble and have the chutzpah
  • Hustle, never stop trying
  • Act with vision & passion
  • Provide value in every action
  • Possess a JFDI spirit

Our Crew

We love the work we do and we love the amazing people we work with. Check out our awesome team!

Team Member Name

Tomer Ashkenazy

Tech Growth Strategies

Tomer has a family of two, he is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and enjoys free diving, snowboarding and surfing

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Elad Eliyahu

Performance Marketing Manager

Sean's passionate about drawing, art, and photography.

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Yuri Gankin

Growth Marketing Manager

Fred is a Coffee Connoisseur who also loves to ski.

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Nir Levi

Creative Studio Manager

Nir loves to spend time with his family and go to the gym.

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Shiraz Choclo

Digital Content Manager

Sarah has three dogs and loves to build things.

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Yoav Dagan

PPC Manager

Mark loves to surf and spend time at the beach.