Case studies

If you are a growth minded founder with JFD attitude, this is for you!

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Franck CEO @ Web on Demand

We started working with Tomer after years of running blind and unable to face our potential customers and create a stable sales funnel.After just several meetings we were able to find traction and increase MRR.I almost didn’t join the SAAS Boot Camp Program because of the cost. I asked myself several times "is it going to be worth this?" After participating I can assure you that the SAAS Boot Camp Program is the best investment I’ve made in a long time!

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Itay CEO @ Crowd Funding Finder

Since I met Tomer our customer lifetime value TRIPLE itself and I was able to create a predictable sales pipeline, harness my team to a clear vision and measure our progress using the right metrics.We are able to provide our customers with unique added value and transparency that thrives our business, especially given the fact that we’re self-funded, and I positive that we were not able to achieve that without the Tomer and the SAAS Boot Camp Program.


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Gil CEO @ Navad

We started our startup journey last year at the beginning of the Covid19 epidemic, it felt like the end of the world and the end of our journey. The SAAS Boot Camp Program put us back on track and helped us find our north star metrics, identify our buyer persona, understand the industry challenges, and present an accurate solution that dramatically improved our lead generation and deals closed.