SaaS Growth Operating Partners

We Help our clients grow faster!

Growth Operating Partners overview

We Help SaaS Companies Grow By Providing Guidance and Access The US and UK Markets!

By creating the right play books and work frames we reduce resource spend, accelerate process and minimize the error.
We focuses on:
  • Product positioning
  • Polish your marketing strategy
  • Identifying the right buyer person
  • Identifying the ideal company profile
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Increase sales
  • Improve ARPU
  • Retention & customer success strategies
  • 1:1 | 1:Few | 1:Many approach 
Using the above insights, we are guiding our local teams who to prospect, schedule meetings and help you close more deals!

Sales process development and optimization

Marketing and sales strategy coordination is the most important milestone for solid revenue growth!
We will share our playbooks and experience that helped SaaS companies:  
  • Improve SQL & conversion rate
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Increase retention rate and CLTV
  • Access to the US, EU & UK regions
  • Identify and hire the right SUPERSTARS
  • Create the right workflows, sequences and automations
We helped dozens of companies GROW faster by crash their goal over the years, it can be easily you!
Our dedicated team will do the heavy lifting and help you develop and execute of the strategy.

Feel Ready For Global Expansion?

Led by:

Shira Levy- Barkan

VP Business Development & Revenue Marketing EX-Microsoft, Playtika & Fiverr

Tomer Ashkenazy

Growth Coach & Founder

Gideon Shmuel

Entrepreneur, VC, CEO, Raised Over $70M & Led 5 Exits

Noam Band

Angel investor, Tech-CEO & SaaS Growth Experts